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What is Amazon and what services and information does it provide?

What is Amazon and what services and information does it provide?

Amazon is one of the global technology companies, and the company is headquartered in Style in Washington, and although Amazon is known to be American, it includes several other nationalities,

Amazon specializes in the field of e-commerce and artificial intelligence, which is no less important than Apple, Google, and Facebook, and we will review with you some information about Amazon.

Amazon company information

Amazon is the largest market for e-commerce in the world, and the first in the collection of Internet revenues around the world.

Amazon is ranked second for private employers in America, a high-value company across the world, and one of the largest technology companies in terms of revenue.

Amazon history

Amazon was founded by a person named Jeff Bezos, who founded it in a city called Bellevue in Washington, on July 5, 1994.

The company's beginning was an online book market, after which the company expanded, marketing video games, software, food, and others.

Amazon launched its first distribution network in 1997, with two dedicated fulfillment centers, one in Newcastle and one in Seattle.

How to profit from Amazon

Profiting from the Amazon site is also one of the famous ways that many people follow to make profits, and to achieve the greatest benefit.

Individuals can achieve profitable gains in a short time, provided that they are experienced and professional in the field of profit from the site.

The beneficiary people market their products, as thousands of products are marketed daily, and earn huge amounts of money through the site.


Products and Services Offered by Amazon

The multiplicity of electronic services provided by Amazon, such as video tapes, programs, books, and many other electronic services.

Amazon also offers baby products, clothing, personal care products, groceries, as well as beauty products.

In addition to watches, garden supplies, music instruments, sports goods, and kitchenware.

Amazon facts

The Amazon logo appears in the form of a smile, starting with the letter A until the letter Z, to indicate that the company is ready to provide all products to all customers around the world.

In the first month of its launch, Amazon received orders from nearly 50 US cities, and 45 countries around the world.

Amazon was established as a retail company, through the Bezos store, located in Bellevue, Washington.

In this way, we have presented some information about the global Amazon company, how and when it arose, as well as the most important business activities that you practice. 

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