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? Why is media become the most important thing entire the world

? Why is media become the most important thing entire the world

Media is a means based on publishing daily news, and it achieves global proportions. The publication of news aims to educate and learn about the outside world and it has a great impact on society. Evidence of this is that media users are very large in numbers not only in a specific country, but the entire world, and their numbers may reach billions Follow-up and the media may have a negative side and the other side is positive depending on its use.

Media may be one of the most important applications for communicating with the outside world. Many negative events that happen in the world may be a reason for educating and sensitizing people and widening their perceptions, including their interests. There are many reasons that Media has positive side; I will discuss two positive sides of Media. Technically mass media is any transmission of information that reaches large numbers of people, usually within a short time frame, in a one-to many communication flow

The Media has many rumors that have been issued by untrustworthy persons whose identity is unknown and which may cause spread of sedition and wars among themselves due to false news. However, there are three reasons why the Media are negative.

That is why many of them resort to watching TV as a means of entertainment and entertainment in circumstances that make a person feel bored and empty space. In my opinion, the Media I prefer to make the media have special laws for those trying to make it bad and have a negative effect for the viewer or listener, especially for children.

The influence of the media is broad and has a significant impact on individuals and society, and this is why we help make it better for its users in terms of borrowing true, reliable and true information, and also avoiding spreading rumors from unreliable sources. There are three reasons that make the media can improve it with users. The media is the most powerful entity on the face of the earth .

The social network has a wide impact in getting its users to capture the smallest details of the issue or current event, unlike some media who do not explain in detail the issue. In my opinion, we are trying to seek the development of the media in terms of avoiding those false liars and unreliable and incorrect news, and we have a limit of that.

has a great power in world domination in terms of directing, sensitizing and educating them in spreading the news of the current world through it. The second cause of the Media. As far as freedom is available, society acquires its right to know what is happening around it from news and information

There are important news you get nowadays from it, such as pervasive diseases or issues related to human rights and other matters that are important to know you

has a great and profound impact at the same time for its users of all kinds. The media has many benefits used to communicate a useful message or advice to the community, but it differs in terms of how a person sends a message from one person to another.

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2022-08-13 10:46:43

مفيد جدا
mohamed ibrahim

2022-08-18 20:58:22


2022-10-19 20:11:10

مميز جدا ❤️
Mohamed Kamal Hussein Kamali

2023-09-29 13:51:30

عاش يابطل حاول تختار مقالات تكون متصدرها بحث جوجل وتكون مفيدة سواء مقالة دينية او علمية واكتبها باسلوبك بشكل منسق ومنظم وممكن تكسب منها اكثر من 20 دولار أتمني ليك التوفيق والنجاح♥
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