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ما هو Chat GPT

ما هو Chat GPT

What is GPT chat?

OpenAI, a company that aims to research and discover the best ways to use artificial intelligence technology and avoid potential risks, said that the ChatGPT it is developing is an artificial intelligence language model, a model that can interact with users through dialogue, and even include answer complex questions.

The ChatGPT language model is based on the GPT-3.5 model developed by OpenAI over the years, but because the GPT-3 AI model is based on parsing and generation, training it provides the abilityOn making a conversation or providing answers through a conversation simply by taking a string of words or a short description similar to a text-to-image model, ChatGPT interacts with user inquiries in a more human-like manner, and the results show that the model is capable of having conversations fluently and in a natural way.

OpenAI explained that it has developed a chatbot, or AI model, on which ChatGPT relies, with the help of a human trainer, to classify and evaluate responses to queries submitted from previous versions, and then re-enter the answers after corrections and evaluations so that the model is able to revise its answers to suit the preferences of the trainer or the user's personal preferences.

How can you benefit from ChatGPT?

While OpenAI's ChatGPT artificial intelligence model can be relied upon to get answers to questions, including difficult ones, similar to the Google Assistant or Apple's Siri voice assistant in iPhones like the iPhone 14 Pro, the model's more powerful capabilities allow it to work on many more. Instructions for users in situations such as:Correct errors, write them and interpret them to help programmers. This is an example provided by OpenAI to demonstrate the functionality of the form through live chat and submit code or code.
Help writing or creating a resume Users simply submit a request, for example: "Write a resume     for a programmer position with specific experience." ChatGPT can also ask for help with CV review.


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