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The 4 Worst Ways Hackers Can Attack Your Phone, Plus Safety Advice

The 4 Worst Ways Hackers Can Attack Your Phone, Plus Safety Advice


The majority of transactions are now made online, which has simplified our lives. However, it has also put our lives in danger. Are you able to? There is a significant chance that hackers could access your personal information. The hackers are stealing people's data in a variety of ways. Here are some methods that hackers use to steal data and how you may protect yourself from them.

1. By way of email

You received a deceptive email from hackers asking you to click on it. The email makes you believe that it was received by a legitimate bank and requests your bank information in order to confirm your identification. Your ATM card will be suspended if you refuse. You are taken to the landing page when you click on the email. If users enter their bank information there, the information is transferred directly to the hackers rather than a bank.

Another possibility is that the email contains an attachment. As soon as you start downloading, malware is installed and starts stealing your mobile device's personal info.

lways check the spelling or domain in the email id.

Malware 2.

malicious software that can follow your device discreetly, take data from it, erase data from it, or alter the mobile's essential operation. Malicious programmes are brought on by installing pirated software or clicking on unapproved adverts or pop-ups.

Use an anti-virus on your phone; it doesn't cost much and is advised. Don't click on pop-ups, and refrain from downloading phoney software. Always keep your operating system and apps up to date.

3. Negative mobile app stores

Do you believe that each programme on the Google Play or Apple App Store is genuine? Not all apps in the Google Play store are secure to use. The apps might include a piece of code in them that might infect your phone with malware and take data from it. You must provide the software several permissions, and the distributors may use your information improperly.


When downloading a new mobile app, always be sure to check the permissions. Don't download any apps from outside sources. Never install any pirated software.


4. By phone or message

Your card may be blocked or you may receive a call or message informing you that you have won the reward. To access your account, they will ask for your OTP or online banking password. He may utilise your information for a number of things once he has it. In the messages, there may be brief links that point to dubious online pages.


Don't provide any personal information in calls or messages, advice. Before clicking on any communication, check the sender's details. Never phone or message a third party with an OTP.


Every time we hear the word "free," we all become enthusiastic, and this situation is no different. We may use free wi-fi in cafes or at the train station. Your system's vulnerability to hacking is increased when connected to an insecure network. Your bank accounts, passwords, and social media accounts are all vulnerable to hacking.


Advice: Avoid using your old phone to connect to public or free wi-fi. It's not necessarily safe just because it's free. Avoid utilising public WiFi for any bank transactions or to view any important information.


The security of your phone is in your control. Always be on guard.


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