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Artificial intelligence: concept, information about its emergence, stages of development

Artificial intelligence: concept, information about its emergence, stages of development

Artificial intelligence
 What do you know about artificial intelligence?
It is the characteristics and behavior that characterize computer programs. These characteristics make them similar to human mental abilities and the type of their work, and among the most important of these characteristics is the ability to learn, issue a reaction, and the ability to deduce.
 When did research in artificial intelligence appear?
This field appeared in the middle of the twentieth century, when a very small number of scientists began to discover a new method for creating a smart machine, and this is based on what was recently discovered in neuroscience, and when a person was able to invent a digital computer, he was also able to invent a machine that can do the same process of computational thinking in a person. .
 The owner of the first program that uses artificial intelligence is (Christopher Strachey). He was the head of programming research at Oxford University.
 Then came another person named (Anthony Otger) from the University of Cambridge. This person tried through the computer to make the purchase process as a person does in more than one place. His goal from this experiment was to know the extent of the computer's ability to learn.
 When was the concept of artificial intelligence officially announced?
 In 1956, (John McCarthy) organized a workshop that lasted two months, and he gathered all the researchers interested in this field, but this workshop did not invent anything, but it was of great benefit that it gathered everyone who was interested in artificial intelligence.
 After this workshop, many other workshops took place until it appeared in the year 1979 that the first computer-driven vehicle was made, and its name was (Stanford).
 In 1997, the computer was able to beat the human being in the game of chess.
 The great progress in the field of artificial intelligence occurred in the twenty-first century after robots became available in stores, and then a development emerged in the ability of robots to interact with emotions through facial expressions.

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