modern technology in the last  century

modern technology in the last century

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In today's society, we are often confronted with new technology, and with that comes both good and bad. While some people believe that technology has a lot to offer, others think it is nothing more than a fad. On the one hand, modern advancements such as cars, television sets, color televisions, and drones have changed our lives for the better. These trending technologies have made life easier by allowing us to travel faster or find something in specific areas. For example, Google maps is an application that allows you to use your phone or computer to find any location. Without this technology, we wouldn't be able to get wherever we need to go much faster.


In addition to the easier way of finding locations, cars have also made life easier for us as well. Cars are a necessity in today's world because they allow us to travel long distances in a short amount of time. We are able to transport ourselves anywhere we need or want. For example, people can commute from New York City all the way down to Florida without spending all day on a plane, which can cost hundreds of dollars. These cars allow us to spend less on transportation. On the other hand, these advancements have also had a negative effect. They have been created with a specific purpose; however, they are used for something completely different and potentially dangerous. For example, handguns in today's society have been used in many unnecessary homicides, robberies, and accidents that could've been avoided if there were no guns.


Aside from handguns, drones and Google maps have also had negative effects on our society as well. With the creation of drones comes a new form of entertainment such as flying them around as well as using them to take pictures or videos of locations that we would not be able to access without them. Although this technology is useful, it has also caused problems with privacy. For example, drones were used to take pictures of people on the beach in France and post them on social media. This invasion of privacy resulted in laws being put into place to prohibit drone users from taking pictures of certain locations like beaches.


On the other hand, Google maps have not had a negative effect on our society, but rather a positive one. It allows you to use your phone or computer to find any location that you are looking for in almost any country around the world. This technology is both beneficial and convenient for those who can't remember where things are located.

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