Download the legendary Canva app to make all kinds of designs

Download the legendary Canva app to make all kinds of designs

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ما هو Canva 

 يعد Canva تطبيقًا لا غنى عنه ، خاصةً إذا كنت منشئ محتوى على YouTube وتحتاج إلى إنشاء صور مصغرة وأغلفة للقنوات وشعارات ومنشورات مجتمعية وقصص والمزيد. . الآن ، مع Canva ، يمكنك إنشاء أي شيء من الملصقات ، والخلفيات ، وأغلفة Facebook ، وصور Instagram ، وقصص WhatsApp ، وأغلفة الكتب ، وجميع أنواع التصميمات الرسومية في بضع ثوانٍ فقط ، باستخدام أداة واحدة .. حيث يمكنك إضافة عناصر التصميم فيCanva بسهولة. تبدأ باختيار قالب مخصص يناسب العناصر الزخرفية الخاصة بك ، أو علامتك التجارية ، أو صورك - كيفما تشاء. يمكنك استبدال الصور والنصوص في القوالب من خلال النقر عليها واستبدالها بصورك المخزنة على هاتفك ، كما يمكنك إضافة الكثير من التأثيرات واستخدام الفلاتر وما إلى ذلك ، كما يمكنك استخدام أدوات التحرير المضمنة فيها

Canva is very clear  and easy. You can rotate or zoom images or text simply by swiping your finger across the screen. You can also adjust the colors with just a few quick clicks, so in less than a minute you will have a unique design.

 Canva is an excellent design application that will eliminate the need for you to use other applications. You can use the application in its free version and it will serve the purpose, but if you want other designs that are more professional, you can upgrade to the paid version.

Canva . official website 


Canva Also available on the web, where you can use the Canva website to make all the designs available on the application, where you can enter the official Canva website 

canva's Website Services 

Free and Paid Templates

Canva offers countless templates of all shapes and sizes, catering to all tastes and specialties.


- Pictures

The platform and its applications on mobile phones offer a lot of high-quality images that you can use, and the application has become one of the most popular image engines that contains ready-to-use images, some of these images are free and others are paid.


- Graphics and items

This Canva item has loads of ready-to-go graphics to get started quickly and bring them in an easy way by dragging and adding them to your design effortlessly.


Video design

The video design option is one of the many options, and you can also, after designing your video, re-upload it to the site in order to install it again on your own design.


- Backgrounds

Canva has many wonderful backgrounds that you can use depending on the field of the image or poster that belongs to you, there are a lot of free backgrounds and also there are paid wallpapers that you can own and modify.


- Text and fonts

The application gives you a lot of beautiful fonts of different design and you can choose the best font to start your design, and changing the font is one of the easiest options on the design platform.

Perhaps what distinguishes Canva from other design sites on the Internet is the presence of many beautiful Arabic fonts to use in your designs.


Content Calendar

With paid subscriptions, Canva offers this tool as a complete calendar to organize content and help spread it across social media.

This tool is very effective and helps marketers and designers working in the fields of e-marketing .

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