The Rumors of an iPhone 14 Pro Have Been Surfacing Again: Here's What We Know

The Rumors of an iPhone 14 Pro Have Been Surfacing Again: Here's What We Know

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What we know about the iPhone 14 Pro

Apple will likely release three new iPhones this year: a standard-sized 5.8” iPhone (the successor to the iPhone XS), a larger 6.5” iPhone XS Max successor, and a premium 6.7” to 7” iPhone XS Pro. The “Pro” name has been rumored for months, but it’s not clear what will be “pro” about this device. The new “regular” iPhone will be offered in larger 6.1” and 6.8” Max models. The two new Max models will feature edge-to-edge screens with a reduced bezel. The iPhone XS Pro will feature a triple-lens camera system, which is the same system expected to be in the new iPhone XS Max models. The same source that provided information on the iPhone XS Max models also shared details about the iPhone XS Pro, so it’s possible that the Max and Pro models aren’t as different as rumors suggest.


A Mid-Range iPhone With a Wider Screen

The 6.1” iPhone XR successor is rumored to have a 6.1” screen and a wider bezel than the XS Max models. The iPhone XR had a 6.1” screen, but it featured a larger bezel than the XS models. The new model is expected to have a larger screen in a device with a smaller overall size. The new model may be a good option for users who prefer a larger screen without the larger device size of the XS Max models. The new device may also be less expensive than the XS Max models.


An Upgraded Triple-Lens Camera System for the High-End Phone

The upcoming triple-lens camera system will be found only in the XS Max and XS Pro models. The XS Max models will have a wide-angle lens and telephoto lens, with the third lens being an ultra-wide or a to-fisheye lens. The XS Pro is expected to include the same lens configuration as the XS Max models, with the addition of a third telephoto lens. The triple-lens camera system on the XS Pro is expected to have an improved image sensor, which will help improve low-light performance. The improved image sensor will likely also be in the XS Max models.


Other Rumored Details: Face ID, Animoji, and Improved Battery Life

Apple is expected to improve the Face ID system in the new models, allowing a wider range of people to unlock the phone. The improved Face ID system may also be able to read your heartbeat to unlock your phone without you needing to look at the device. Apple is expected to release a version of the Animoji feature that uses your voice, which means you can use different animated characters to record messages. The new models are expected to include a larger battery than the current iPhone XS models. The larger battery may help improve battery life, but charging times will likely remain the same.


Will You Buy an iPhone in 2019?

The new iPhones are expected to be released in September, and we don’t know many details about the new models. Apple typically launches new iPhones in September, so we expect the new models to be announced in September 2019. The new models will likely be less expensive than the XS models and will provide improvements in performance and battery life. If you’re thinking about buying a new iPhone in 2019, you’ll likely get a better device at a lower price than the iPhone XS models, but you may not see a huge difference compared to the iPhone XS Max models. If you can wait a few months, you may be able to save money on the purchase by buying the new iPhones in 2019.

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