Drop shipping from A to Z - part 2

Drop shipping from A to Z - part 2

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Dropshipping - Part Two


Drop shipping depends on 5 things:


2 - "Online Store" website


- Consider yourself a customer now. What is the first thing you will think of when entering any online store?

the credibility of the site; Credibility comes from professional design.

- Web site name ; Attractive name for more visitors.

Select the type of your store?

- A general store, for all products, whatever they are.

A specialized store, for example: home furniture.

- A special store, with only one product.

- But which one is better?

It is the specialized store for beginners because it guarantees you to sell products. If some products fail, some will succeed.

- If you have a budget to open several stores, I advise you to shop for one product because it gives value to this product, which makes the customer buy that product regardless of its price, which gives you a large profit rate.

3- Advertisements:

And note here that the ads are not marketing!

Let it be that you have now created the online store and placed the product on it and fulfilled all the conditions that we talked about ...... Now how will you get those customers while you are in your beginnings; This is the benefit of advertisements and the advertisement is through a professional image or a short video clip of the product while using the product.

You will now see that the topic is very expensive and you will leave the post and will not think about this topic again...... But do not rush when you put the product on your store, put the pictures or videos that you took from the Ali Express website, which we explained in past posts.

Or you can search for clips and pictures of this product on other sites and take them with a mention of the place or source of those clips and pictures in your store so that they are not deleted......

If you have good capital, you can make clips and photos by professional photographers in this field.

- This leads us to an important question, which is how do I photograph products when they are not with me?

- By purchasing the product and shipping it to the home, so you can photograph the product professionally and in the way you want, whether it is photos or videos.


And here will be the end of our second article on the paths shopping from A to Z. We kindly ask you to appreciate our efforts by making a follow-up to receive a notification as soon as the third and final part of the series of articles from the paths shopping from A to Z comes out, and thank you …..

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