Best resource for learning programming

Best resource for learning programming

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Best resource for learning programming

What is programming?

Programming is the most powerful field of the computer, and it is the language of communication between the human “you” and the machine, just like the Arabic language or any other foreign language.

It is a set of commands that are directed to the computer for a purpose, whether to deal with data or how to carry out a series of required actions called algorithms.

This process takes place in the programming language chosen by the programmer (the person who writes the commands). Each programming language has characteristics that distinguish it from the other.

We must consider the task required in order to use the correct programming language to build or implement this task.

areas of programming


Web field: divided into: web design and web programming.

field of mobile applications.

field of operating systems.

Computer software and applications field: “Desktop”.

field of games.

The field of database management and programming.

Robotics programming.

The field of programming electronic machines (inside the field of robotics).

Now we will learn about the most important programming languages ​​used in these areas before we explain each area, how to work with it and the functions it provides.

Programming languages ​​and their features

Basically, a programming language is the means that enables a programmer to write his program in the form of instructions and commands that the computer can understand in order to carry out the required work.

It is known that the computer converts the language in which the program is written into a string of two numbers: 0 and 1, and on the basis of which it starts its work. For writing commands, the chosen programming language provides a set of basic things to rely on during the process of creating a program and a set of rules that enable the handling and organization of information in order to perform the required work.

These principles and rules, in general, are:

information and storage

Commands and their management

special design

Programming languages, based on their proximity to human languages, are divided into:

High-level languages ​​(close to the language understood by humans) such as C and Java.

Low-level languages ​​(such as assembly language; it is close to machine language).

Sometimes it is divided according to desired purposes from the language used.

Languages ​​designed to run on specific devices, such as for a company to produce a computer or a central processor (central processing unit), and provide it with a user manual containing the commands that are executed on it.

Other, more general languages ​​that operate independently of the machine type, i.e. they run within a virtual machine, such as Java

In general, each programming language has its own characteristics that distinguish it from the other and make it suitable to varying degrees for each type of program and the tasks required of this program.


Programming languages ​​also have common characteristics and common borders, since all of these languages ​​were designed to work with the computer.

how to start to learn programing

Select the field

read it

Look for the sources


The last step is to apply


Here are some resources that will help you learn programming 


Educational platforms:

Youtube channels :




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